Cold working environments

From the start, we have taken extra care to operate in an environment-friendly way and in line with the values of sustainability, partnership, innovation, and efficiency. Rather than remaining a mere supplier, we aim to become your trusted partner, i.e. an all-round maintenance consultant who is capable of suggesting personalized solutions for minimizing your total costs and improving your production reliability.

For lift facilities and the whole sector of winter activities, i.e. for all types of cable car, for snowcats and snowmobiles, as well as for merry-go-rounds and any other type of amusement park equipment, we have various specific products. They are part of a range which has been especially designed to avoid accidental machine downtimes due to lubrication-related problems, to optimize the duration of operating stresses, to reduce the top-up frequency and to make the management of the production processes more cost-effective.

Especially for the sector of winter activities, which imply high humidity rates and very low working temperatures, we have developed a wide range of accessories and biodegradable (synthetic and mineral) products – such as hydraulic oils, turbine oils, compressor oils, bearing oils, industrial gear oils, lubricants and greases for cables, pastes, sprays, detergents, anti-corrosives – that withstand operating temperatures ranging from – 30 to + 120°C so as to ensure absolute safety and long intervals between lubrications.
Thanks to our Service activity which includes predictive diagnostics, filtration, lubrication schedules and fluid- management, we can monitor the operating conditions of the machinery and thus guarantee continuity and functionality. The range of services that we offer our customers also includes consultancy for warehousing optimization.

Moreover, we are holders of the ISO 14001 environment certificate as well as of the ISO 9001 quality certificate, both of which are essential in order to be allowed to operate in this sector.

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